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Cambio mi habitacion para trabajar con mi mujer, y ello conlleva, claro, una redecoración.

Nos hemos puesto a armar nuevas estanterias y nuevo mobiliario en el estudio donde trabajo. Es evidente que no tengo los metros cuadrados que tienen nuestros colegas de USA pero hago lo que puedo. Le voy a poner unas cuantas estanterias del IKEA, un nuevo escritorio, y me gustaria ver como consigo integrar la mesa de dibujo, el ampli y las guitarras, y una cama que tengo que esconder detras de una estanteria por si vienen visitas.

Vamos, que me meto a hacer una mega construccion en 9 metros cuadrados, 10 como mucho. Si la esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde no?

Besos y abrazos segun os los querais repartir. ;)

Hi there!

I'm seeing the images that people are uploading about their studios, and the envy makes me need a redecoration.

We have since put new shelving and new furniture in the studio where I work. Obviously I have no square meters than our colleagues in USA, but I do what I can. I'll put a few shelves of IKEA, a new desktop, and I want to see how I can integrate the drawing board, the amp and guitars, and a bed that I have to hide behind a shelf in case visitors come.

Ok, I get to make a mega construction in 9 square meters, 10 at most. If the ultimate hope is not lost...

Kisses and hugs to you. ;)
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Fallece el genio de la ilustracion fantastica Frank Frazetta a los 82 años ayer a la edad de 82 años en Fort Myers (Florida, Estados Unidos).

Sólo quería dejar mi mención a cuanto siento su pérdida ya que para mi fue el origen de la ilustracion fantatica tal y como la conocemos en la actualidad. En los años 60, el dibujante renovó el género fantástico y la ciencia ficción con sus óleos, acuarelas y lápices.

Por otro lado, Frazetta también destacó en la mejor interpretación de Conan el Bárbaro, lo cual para mi, es mñas que reseñable.

Descansa colega, que ya toca.

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My life with an Apple

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2009, 3:59 AM
Hi there!

I'm lucky and happy. Two weeks ago I found an article in ebay, searching for a new Wacom (mine is broken), and this article was an Apple PowerMac G5 with an Intuos 2 A4 as a gift. Only this Tablet usually cost 500 - 600 €, and all was only cost 800 €.

Now I'm preparing some things to make the G5 better, but now is my favourite work tool, with the wacom intuos 2 $a and a 22" panoramic LG monitor.

I'll update some drawings and a photo af the machine.

See you!

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Time crisis

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2009, 2:11 AM
Bad days for our proffesion.

Last year I've spend a lot of my time drawing samples and personal projects, and I'm doing not so much now for drawing better. My daily exercises now are weekly and only make new drawings when someone want me to draw my fanart.

Last three months I've make some advertisment illustrations and photography manipulation for Fnac, Balay and Cuatro (the TV channel called Canal+ before now).
On september will be published some drawings into a documental of the "Camino de Santiago" on TV.

Soon I'll upload some new comic pages of a personal project with David Braña on scripts. Nothing before publishers say something positive of the project.

Happy to write something to you. Greetings for read it.


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Ok, all people say to me to update the journal and the blog. OK I'm doing it.

What happens to me thede months... I left to draw the aircrafts collection because of the money, I was working on a few comic pages, for practising, and I've spent my time playing playstation 3 games. I finished assasins creed, grand theft auto 4, metal gear solid 4, grand theft auto san andreas in play 2 (a shit game, I didn't liked it), Mirror Edge, and I'm thinking now to start Fall Out 3, but i'm so bored of video games.

That was my poor life od these past three months.
No much work = so time spend on videogames and TV serials.

See you!
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This january was too hard for me. Not much work, not much money and very very much more debts that I`d like pay.

I`ll upload some drawing when they were finished, but now I havo no wrks for show to you. I hope you are going to enjoy them when thay are uploaded but, for now, relax and wait.

See you later.
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These are some days for spend time with the family and friends, but the Economic Crisis could make this time harder and a little sad.

Enjoy what you have and what surrounds you, for everything going on and at least during these days, the Christmas can brighten up your life a little.

Merry Christmas and you have a good 2009.


Estos dias son para pasar con la familia y con los amigos, pero la Crisis nos puede aguar las fiestas y puede hacer este tiempo un poco mas duro y triste.
Disfrutad de lo que teneis y de lo que os rodea, pues todo pasa y al menos, durante estos dias, las fiestas pueden alegrar un poco vuestras vidas.
Felices fiestas y que tengais un buen año 2009

                                       L. David Gomez = ARAELD…
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I've been working this time in make my drawings better, and I could say that I think I'm founding the best way to make them much better than I could imagine.

I want to upload some illustrations that I'm doing, but I need time, cause I'm working too now in other three technical illustrations (an aircraft, and two tanks) and in other personal projects of comic.

I am searching for jobs as freelance outsid of Spain, and if any publisher or other people of companies could help me in this task, I would be thankfull.

On other themes, I'm doing some sketches for the blog that I have with Dani Pascual and Nacho Arranz, you could watch it and write your opinion here, please.

Kisses and hugs
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I Don't know the way to make the pageviews go up. But now I'm over the 4000 pageviews. :D

I've uploaded two images, the dragon and the aircraft number 35 of the collection. Enjoy it.
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I had a bad month. I didn't want work, low productivity, angry, thirsty. I don't know but I think that I've been suffering a post-vacational depression.

It was my first depression like this, because I was working about 14 hour per day the last year, and this summer I did nothnig.

I thinking about work virtually with more people, I have some friends here that have a good work and I'd like to talk about this. Are anybody interested on work together.

No new deviations before the next week, sorry.
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Vacations... beauty world!

Thu Aug 28, 2008, 12:27 PM
This is a time for rest in peace... not with funeral, please, only rest with my 4 cats, my playstation and my new 32 inches TV.
I've seen Bones season 1, 2 and 3, Six feet Under, the 6 seasons, aproximately 30 or 35 movies, ... Happiness, isn't it?

Ok, my last drawings and illustration are so boring.

Three aircraft for the Accion Press SA publishers. It will be published into the Aircrafts of the second world war collection (Bombarderos en España) by the Altaya Editorial crop.………

This three images are not boring. I am participating into a project with TideBanditsWorld:icontidebanditsworld:…. Is a cardgame in a fantasy medieval world of pirates, dwarfs and elves, sword and sorcery... a nice world for my creativity and my progress. I've made the ink only, the color in the future.………

I made some scarps, about 15, but now I only upload this one.…

I hope you'll enjoy it. For commissions, please, send to me an email or contact by deviant messages. I make colaborations too, only for good projects.

Only say that in a month the new academic year will become. I'm so happy because I'll meet to my friend. I need activity for drawing a lot more.

See you, my friends.

PD: Visit my friends gallery, in the last month I've found a lot of great great artist.
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This last week was very very hard. I was drawing a lot of things for so many publishers.

I was making two tanks for the Panzer Collection of Altaya Editorial.
Panzer tank Sd-tkfz-232…


The rock band "The Chekers" has called me to draw the portrait of the new CD. This is the project that the want for the CD.…

El Mundo need two ilustrations for the National Episodes of Benito Perez Galdos. These books tell the history of Spain. This episode tell the Carlist Battles, and I was drown the two bands, the liberal soldiers and the carlist soldiers.……

I hope you enjoy them. This week I'll update the journal with two new aircrafts for the Altaya Aircrafts collection.

See you!D
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In english

This week was horrible, :P, I've made three illustration for publishers, and I'm very tired. I had worked this weekend a lot for complete the images for today.

The aircraft for Altaya editorial:…

One of the EL MUNDO illustrations:…

And the othe illustration for EL MUNDO:…

I other cases I usually draw only one image for week because I must teach in my classroom, but this week was crazy. I must say too that I have to show to you some Venom drawings that I've made this week too. For relax absolutly, :D jajaja!



En castellano

Esta semana fue una autentica locura, mientras he estado dando clase a la gente en el Esdip (20 horas semanales), he tenido que hacer tres ilustraciones para publicaciones, ilustraciones para las que suelo tomarme una semana por cada una para ir tranquilo.

El avion para Altaya editorial:…

Una de las ilustraciones para EL MUNDO:…

Y la otra para EL MUNDO:…

El otro dia me fui al parque para descansar y me lleve un estuche de acuarelas y un cuaderno, y pensé, voy a dibujar para relajarme un poco, miré los arboles, los niños jugar, el cesped, un gato, palomas... y dibujé a Venom. :D jeje
Ya os pondré algunos dibujos de estos de spiderman y veneno.


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Bueno, actualizamos esto y os cuento un poco mis historias. El Mundo me ha pedido dos ilustraciones mas para el dia 15 y Accion Press me ha pedido otro avion y otro tanque. Asi que tendre un par de semanitas productivas a tope. Ya os iré poniendo cosillas.

Aviso tambien de que un maquinilla se ha apuntado a esto del deviant art, y os pongo su Es un gran dibujante y al pobre le he cogido cariño.

Por lo demás, nada, practicando narrativa con unas paginas de Spiderman y Veneno.

Besos y abrazos!


In English

All right, I want to actualize this journal with my personal histories. El Mundo newspaper have called to me to make two more illustrations like the other, and Accion Press did the same, but they want another aircraft and a tank. The next two weeks promise to be a little hard working all the days.

A friend has made a deviant and I'd like to show to you his images.

In my free time I am practising comic drawing 8 pages of Spiderman and Venom.


Esta semana he entregado la primera ilustración para el periódico El Mundo de reparto en España. Estoy muy contento ya que para mi ha sido como dar un pequeño salto, de pasar a editoriales sencillas a algo mas firme. Mi idea de vivir de la ilustracion empieza a hacerse algo mas visible.

Esta semana pondre una imagen de la ilustración de doble pagina. Aún algo pobre de detalles, las ilustraciones para el mundo iran ganando en composicion y desarrollo, espero... :P

In English

This week I've send my first illustration to the El Mundo newspaper, which is publicated in Spain. I'm very happy 'cause it was like a little jump for my career. From drawing for little publishers to something more serious. Mi idea: "Living for and with the illustrators carrer" is begining to be something so much credible.

This week I'll upload any image from the double page illustration.